Transcript of Courses by Area

Corporate Finance
Business Organizations
Securities Regulations
Secured Transactions In Personal Property
Federal Individual Income Taxation
Estates & Trusts
International Business Transactions
International Trade Law
Comparitive Dispute Resolution
Law & Public Policy
Civil Procedure
Criminal Law
Political & Civil Rights
Constitutional Law
Family Law
Legal Drafting
Legal Research And Writing
Professional Responsibility
Appellate Advocacy
Introduction To Law

Introduction To Financial Accounting
Financial Accounting 1
Financial Accounting 2
Cost & Managerial Accounting 1
Cost & Managerial Accounting 2
Auditing 1
Federal Income Tax Accounting 1
Accounting Information Systems

      Graduate Level
Federal Income Tax Research
Auditing 2
Advanced Financial Accounting
EDP Auditing
Accounting Concepts / Financial Reporting
Financial Accounting Issues And Cases
Financial Reporting And Auditing

Other Business
Financial Decision Making (MBA)
Debt and Money Markets (Graduate)
Business Finance
Legal Environment Of Business
Operations Management
Managerial Economics
Information Systems In Organizations
Business Policies
Organizational Behavior
Professional Communication
Statistics For Business Decisions
Principles Of Management
Principles Of Marketing
Introduction To Statistics 1
Principles Of Microeconomics
Principles Of Macroeconomics

Science (Pre-Engineering)
Calculus / 1
Calculus / 2 Analytical
Calculus / 3 Analytical
Physics   /  with Calculus
Physics   /  with Calculus Lab
Physics   /  C: Mechanics
Physics   /  C: Mechanics Lab
Chemistry / Introduction To General Chemistry
Chemistry / General
Chemistry / General Lab
Chemistry / Qualitative Analysis
Chemistry / Qualitative Analysis Lab
FORTRAN - Computer Programming For Engineers
Environmental Engineering Undergraduate Seminar

Liberal Arts / Random
Honors Science, Myth & Values - Philosophy
Honors Ancient Sports - Development of the Olympics
Discover The Universe - Astronomy
Introduction To Biology
English Literature/Composition
Argumentative Writing
Oral Performance of Literature
U S History
European History
Personal Growth
Tennis 1